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  List of Schools with Pending Form-137/OTOR/VCELG/VALST/VINDO/VNFET/VPEPT

  List of Students with Pending Form-137/OTOR/VCELG/VALST/VINDO/VNFET/VPEPT

  Extract Masterlist

  Extract List of Scholars with Failures

  Confirmed Freshman Applicant

   Classes Actual Count

  Departmental Course Summary

  List of Small Classes

  Hybrid Classes

  List of Courses with TBA Schedules

  List of Courses without Faculty

  Class List of CWTS, RELSTRI, and RELSFOR


  List of Students Enrolled in Final Defense, OCE, or Proposal Defense

  List of Students enrolled in QLY

  List of Students enrolled in ROTC

   Students List of Freshman Students

  List of Students with Library Fee

  List of Probationary Students

  Student Profile

      Foreign Students List of Foreign Students (DL)

       Statistics of Foreign Students

       International Students remaining units

  Summary of Foreign Students

  Enrollment List of Foreign Students

  List of Foreign Students who Graduated on the Previous Term

   By Degree Filtering of Marketing Majors

   Faculty Summary of faculty with Loads by College

  List of A/R Transactions (For Accounting)

  Payment Statistics (For Accounting)

  Exception Report for Refunds

  List of Balances

  List of Refunds

  List of Students with Employee Discount

  List of OR Adjustments

  List of Refunds with Invalid ID

   Submission List of Unsubmitted Online FGS

  List of Unsubmitted FGS Prooflist

   Change of Grades COG Transaction Prooflist

   Dean's List Dean's List

  Consistent Dean's List (Process during Term 1 only)

   Reports List of Cross-Enrollee Students with Grades

  List of Students who failed in a particular course

  Failure Rate

  List of Students who graduated with COG (By College, Department, Degree)

  List of Candidates for Graduation based on ATG with COG (By College, Department, Degree)

  List of Students who applied for online ATG with failing grades and deferred thesis

  Tentative List of Graduating Students

  List of Candidates for Graduation with CGPA

  List of Graduates (UGS/GS) for STOR Printing

  List of Students who Graduated from ROTC

   For ITS Extract DTS for Status Report

   MLS List of Active MLS Users

    List of Faculty with Expired MLS Account

Account/(Invalid Faculty No.)  
  List of Faculty without MLS

  List of User Access